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Reasons to go electric

Government incentives, lower running costs and carbon savings are a few of the reasons that your business should be thinking electric.

Lower running costs by


Lower your running costs by switching from petrol/diesel to an electric vehicles through lower fueling & maintenance costs.

Congestion charging


Electric vehicles are exemption from both Ultra-Low Emission zones and Congestion Charge zones.

Vehicle Excise Duty (VED)


VED is calculated based on CO2 emissions, meaning full battery electric vehicles pay nothing compared with up to £2000 for the most CO2 polluting new cars.

Capital allowance


Not just on electric vehicles, but also on clean-tech equipment that reduces CO2 emissions, from heat pumps, refrigeration management systems and electric boilers.

Plug-in grants


Off low emission vans and upto £3000 of plug-in cars (for vans it is the lower of £8000 or 20% of the purchase price, for cars it is the lower of £3500 or 35% of the purchase price).

Workplace Charging


Grant to install charging sockets. The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) offers grants of £350 per sockert and upto 40 sockets per business.



Your empolyees can enjoy significant tax breaks by driving an electric company car. The rate increases a 1% point per year thereafter.

Salary sacrific


Salary sacrifice schemes allow employees to pay for their car lease out of their gross salary , unlocking tax benefit savings.

Home charger grant


Off the installation cost of a home charger. Paid for by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV).

Roof top solar


The levelized cost of commercial scale roof top solar electricity is much cheaper than grid electricity provided you use it directly.

Integrated management


Hassle when using a building management system to monitor and control how your business buys and uses energy.

Green tariffs


Renewable energy to offset your other business activities.

What we do

Free online assessment

Take advantage of our quick and simple to use assessment tool

Complete an assessment to find out if your company could benefit from shifting to electric vehicles and/or rooftop solar, or just quantify the impact of providing workplace charging.
Compare car and van models by evaluating the total cost of operating them.

Sustainability report

Support your ESG reporting with our detailed report

Our detailed report allows you to drill down into the cost benefit of transitioning to an electric future.
The report includes a review of the operational impacts and risks; a financial cost benefit; a sustainability check; and a review of the infrastructure requirements.

Expert advice & analysis

Dive deeper with additional data analysis

To undertake a detailed analysis and gain greater certainty, we can assist you in collecting and analysing the required data.
This includes meter data and historical fleet journey data, if available. Remote assessment of your facilities to assess the suitability for electric vehicle charging and rooftop solar.

Support switching

We can support your switch using our network of partners

To support your switch to a sustainable energy we can help connect you with suitable partners, from electric vehicle specialists to electrical equipment suppliers and installers.

Our mission

Through the integration of electric vehicles, rooftop solar and storage batteries and smart time-of-use electricity tariffs we can maximise both financial and carbon savings. We’d love to help you assess the best options for your business in transitioning to a cleaner and greener future.

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