Electric cars are the future. We also believe that plugging in our EVs at home has the potential to drive us further and faster towards a cleaner, greener future.

Charging an EV at home changes the payback of clean home energy investments, like solar and batteries. Smart charging can support the green energy coming from the grid too.

Our aim is to connect the dots - showing people how switching to an EV with clean home energy (solar, batteries and smart tariffs) stacks up right now!

Power My EV came about after we switched to an EV ourselves. Mat, a Chartered engineer, used his renewable energy expertise to create a spreadsheet of which car, solar, and battery combination best suited us. We were prepared to pay a bit more, but found that the extra cost of buying an EV soon paid back. In fact, it wouldn't be long before we would be saving money.

We wanted more people to know the potential savings, and so we created this online EV and clean energy calculator tool to help others make the change.

How does it work?

Enter simple information about the kind of car you want to drive, the trips you make and your energy use at home. We crunch your numbers and find the financial and carbon savings you could expect by switching to an EV and renewable energy.

Everything we show you is completely impartial and without obligation. We wanted to make it easy, so our team are on hand to support you along the way and match you to one of our partners. We support our business by receiving revenue from these partners following a successful sale.

Our partners

We work with a trusted network of partners to help get you started with an electric vehicle and clean energy at home

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