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Finding your electric car is easy. Choose a car size, add features that you’d like to see, set your budget and purchase method. We'll show you EVs that fit the bill. You can check the range suits your journeys too.


2. Combine

Going electric? Don't forget to think about your home energy. Overnight EV tariffs, maybe even solar and batteries, make your electric car more affordable, and so much greener too.


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You're ready to make the switch! We can put you in touch with your nearest EV supplier, connect you to trusted local solar installers or help you make an online switch to a smart energy tariff.

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Our comparisons are electric

Why go electric?

To meet our climate goals, everything needs to go electric. The electric car will be the first step for many of us, and it’s an important leap towards a cleaner, greener future.

It’s not just about zero emission miles. Charging an EV at home can support renewables from the grid and makes other tech, like solar and batteries, make better financial sense.

Our aim is to help people switch to an EV sooner rather than later and find the green home energy that matches their lives, making savings and creating carbon impact